Na Quebrada

The film “Na Quebrada” emerged from an initiative to address the juvenile vulnerability in Brazilian peripheries and prison systems through cinematography. The film is narrated from the point of view of young people themselves and includes the participation of inmates of Adriano Marrey Penitentiary, who are members of a theater group developed by correctional officers and inspired by Augusto Boal. Additionally, directors Fernando Grostein and Paulo Eduardo led a stage production within the prison.
Synopsis: In the hood of the largest metropolis in Brazil faces gunshots, fights, love, and hate. Youths stories mingle and collide in search of dreams and choices. Inspired by true stories, the film reveals the struggle and the choices of young people who grew up with a culture of weapons, crime, and constant difficulties. Zeca survived a massacre; Gerson has never seen her father in jail; Monica is different from the rest of her family; Junior is fascinated by television repairs; Joana dreams of his mother whom he has never met. These young people uncover this film as a way to challenge their future. The plot, told through the eye of youth that live in the hood, raises the question: to what extent does your past determine your future?