Gastromotiva seeks to impact and transform people’s lives through the culinary arts. A network of chefs and institutions around the world that share the same goal of using food as a tool for social change supports this initiative. The Institute believes that the culinary arts can create change, both directly in people’s lives and through public policies.
Gastromotiva is the first non-profit civil society organization of its kind in Brazil and the world. One of its many innovative activities is offering low-income youth a free course with theoretical and practical training (more than 280 hours) that teaches useful skills about culinary arts, entrepreneurship, and social engagement. More recently, Gastromotiva and its partners launched Refettorio in Rio de Janeiro, which offers food, culture, and dignity for all in a contemporary art space. Launched during the Olympics, it has become a legacy for the city. It works as a restaurant-school where guest chefs and young Gastromotiva students learn to learn from each other as they create new recipes.