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The Institute views access to culture as a fundamental and inherent right of all human beings. PDR understands culture as human skills such as knowledge, beliefs, values, art, morals, and customs developed by society that deserve to be preserved, shared, and enjoyed by Brazilian citizens.


The PDR Institute is based on the rise and protection of human rights guaranteed to all Brazilian citizens. It is a prerogative for the institute that all individuals are treated with dignity and guaranteed fundamental personal and collective rights, including civil, political, economic, social, and cultural.


The Institute is guided by democratic practices and reinforces the need to promote active citizenship and citizen participation in the preparation, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of public policies. Therefore, investment and fostering democratic practices and citizen participation is essential.


The PDR Institute recognizes the importance of new technologies to achieve positive change in society. Therefore, exchange of practices and the creation of tools and social transformation platforms that have a high impact are crucial.