What We Do

The PDR Institute, founded in March of 2014, is a family fund, reserved for donations and investments in social projects with a good governance. PDR stands for “Purpose Driven Resources,” but they are also the initials of Patricia, Daniel and Ricardo. The objective was to support entrepreneurship with great potential of social transformation. The vision of the Institute is to strengthen innovative ideas and organizations of civil society striving for broader citizen participation to improve social justice in the country continuously.

The PDR Institute was born with a vision of institutionalizing the activities of curatorship of talents, and promotion of ideas and social investment. Its genesis was marked by disruptive models of civic and social activities. “We believe that empowering civic entrepreneurs engaged in relevant social causes is the best way to contribute to the transformation of communities, of our cities and our country”, says Patricia Villela Marino, Vice-President of the institute.

The idea to act with more proximity to the people was recognized nationally and internationally. In 2011 Patricia received the ABC/Poder Award in the category of Social Impact, as well as an invite from the World Economic Forum to be part of the Founders Advisory Board for the Global Shapers community, which selects exceptional youth in between the ages of 20 and 29 that generate impact in their cities and communities around the world.

In the same year, Ricardo also was awarded by the International Foundation of Youth Leaders in the category of Youth Entrepreneurs and, in 2015, received the prize for Education Leadership Award by Worldfund, in recognition to his commitment to education in Latin America, as a promoter of social and economic change.